How to Survive Day Drinking

Two EEsTomorrow is going to be a long day. My Dukies play at noon, the Falcons face off against the Eagles at 4:35, and the Titans play the Patriots at 8:15. What this means for the Boozy Gardener is that I will be drinking at a bar (or series of bars) for at least 10 straight hours tomorrow.

How do I survive this brutal day drinking schedule? Let me share my favorite tips.

#1: Prep the Day Before

The best athletes will tell you that preparation is key. You don’t wait for game day to start hydrating.

To properly hydrate, you will want to add electrolytes to your water (otherwise, your body won’t really absorb the water, and you’ll just be running to the bathroom all day–which will help you get your daily steps but will do little to prepare you for the next day).

Instead of chugging Gatorade, which can be high in sugar and mysterious chemicals, you can add electrolytes to your water with this simple recipe: to 16 oz of water, add a pinch of salt, 16 oz of citrus juice and half a teaspoon of honey. In the words of the Cars, “shake it up” and enjoy.

In an ideal world, you’ll also get a good night’s sleep the evening before a real bender. I hardly ever follow this advice, though.

#2: Pace Yourself

I get it. Your team is down, someone offers a shot of Jameson, and things unravel. If you have any hope of making it through a full day of drinking, though, you MUST pass on the shots (at least until you’re about to head home).

A Boozy Gardener pro tip is also to switch it up between booze and water. When I’m behaving, I’ll drink a glass of water after every beer/cocktail/glass of wine/shot. This helps you make it through the day and offers hope for a less brutal hangover the next morning.

#3: Remember to Eat

If you don’t want to pass out at the bar by 5 p.m., you will want to eat meals at regular intervals. Get something on your stomach before going out (a bagel, eggs, whatever) and continue to eat throughout the day.

What’s the best accompaniment for day drinking? Greasy bar food (which is handy, because you’re at a bar). Hamburgers are best because the fat, protein, and carbs (just eat the bun) will help your body metabolize the alcohol. If you’re a vegetarian, you can get the same affects from some french fries or cheese pizza. If you’re vegan, you’re probably not day drinking anyway, so get out of here (just kidding–but I seriously have no idea how to help you).

#4: Do NOT Drive

The final tip is the most important and should be commonsense. To put on my old man hat for a moment, back in my day, if you got drunk you had to call your mom (or, worse, an overpriced cab) for a ride home. In the age of Uber and Lyft, there is zero reason to ever drive drunk.

Tomorrow, I plan on taking a Lyft or Uber to the bars and then taking one home.

Just download the apps. No excuses.


Do you have any tips for day drinking? If so, leave a comment!