Activity Recommendation: Sip and Paint

Art Has No EyesI often hear my friends complain that it is hard to find fun activities as we age, and even your Boozy Gardener guru often falls into the trap of meeting someone for coffee, dinner, or a drink–just because I can’t think of a better idea.

On a recent trip to Georgia, my dear friend had the great idea to attend a “Paint 4 Fun” art class at White-Allen Art Studios.

Initially, we were a bit nervous. My friend said she hadn’t painted since elementary school, and while I paint with my niece all the time, I do not consider myself a great visual artist (too impatient). The other ladies in the room seemed to feel as much trepidation as my friend and I, and we all joked about how bad our paintings would look.

I am happy to report that we all created amazing art AND had a blast. The instructor provided simple tips that helped us create work far more complex than I thought possible, and the fun, upbeat music kept us cheerful. While a few of us brought cocktails (*ahem* me and my friend), it was not a requirement for the evening, as just as many people enjoyed the painting without the sipping.

More than just a fun activity, though, these “Sip and Paint” classes are a good opportunity for personal growth, which is what the Boozy Gardener is all about.

Gretchen Rubin, a writer and researcher who studies happiness and habits, talks about how novel experiences are one of the keys to happiness. People who are constantly pushing themselves to try new things are often happier than those who fall into a rut (e.g. going to the same bar every Saturday to watch college football: *guilty*).

After our Sip and Paint class, my friend and I both felt energized, and we now have some lovely art to hang on our walls that will always remind us of our fun evening.

For those of you who often say to yourselves, “Ugh. There’s just nothing to do!” I recommend googling Sip and Paint classes in your area. If you are lucky enough to live near White-Allen Art Studios, you should definitely book a class there!