Time Change Fail

I am usually on top of Spring Aheads/Fall Backs–a biannual event here in the Midwestern United States. For those not familiar, every year we set our clocks an hour ahead in mid-March and an hour back at the end of October. Why? I don’t know. It has something to do with Benjamin Franklin and farming.

Most (all sane) people hate time changes. For me personally, it disrupts my already beleaguered sleep cycle and leaves me feeling scattered for a week.

To combat the negative side effects, I plan ahead. I adjust my clocks before bed the night of a time change and double-check my clocks against my mobile phone, which updates automatically, when I wake.

I blew it this year, friends. Last night, I was late meeting my gentleman friend out for the Duke game, so I did not reset my clocks before leaving the house. I (ahem) did not return home last night either.

My big plan today was to go to an inversion workshop and then meet my bestie out for coffee. My workshop started at 1:30. As I putted around my house, I marveled at how much time I had… until I happened to look at my phone and notice that it was 1:30!

Sorry. I’m late because my partner and I were giving this a go.

Luckily, I only missed the first 30 minutes of a two hour workshop, but I hate strolling into yoga classes late. I mean, I am often late (living in Louisiana changes you, people), but it seems sacrilegious to be late to yoga.

I have relearned my lesson and will now start adjusting my clocks two days ahead of the time change to avoid embarrassment. Namaste.

Are any of you struggling with the time change?