Belated Spring Cleanup

Don’t know what part of the world you all are reading from, but here in the Midwesterner United States, spring just sprung this past weekend. Usually, I have flowerbeds cleaned, the lawn mowed, and the garden plot tilled by mid-April, but I completed these tasks today.

I know I’m in the norm. With temps in the 40s and non-stop rain, not many Ohioans or Michiganders were out gardening this spring. Now that it’s 70 and sunny, though, we’re all happy to be back at it.

Especially Ilsa.


Don’t blink.
Okay… I still have a little more weeding to do.

Can’t wait to get more flowers and plants in the ground this weekend. For now, I’m about to enjoy my favorite part of gardening: a well-earned cocktail in the sun. Happy Spring!

Simple recipe: Clementine Vodka, club soda, frozen fruit and ice. Light and refreshing! 
Don’t look too closely at those toes. The garden isn’t the only thing that needs tending!