Be very quiet; I’m hunting for studio space

Copyright: Warner Bros. Don’t tell Jack Warner I stole this. I’ve seen Feud.

My future yoga studio has a name, a logo and will have a website as of tomorrow. I have even started placing inquiries with teacher friends and may be ready to hire my first independent contractors.

What do we need?

A studio space.

One would think in a city like Toledo, where there are miles of uninhabited buildings and cheap rent, this would be relatively simple, but when you’re looking in a neighborhood where commercial spaces are mostly occupied (and those that aren’t have major issues), it is not as easy as it sounds.

The major stumbling blocks seem to be:

* The space itself - many empty buildings were once offices (dentists & doctors--where did they all go?). That means the spaces are narrow when I need an open floor plan.
* The flooring - this is a smaller concern, since I had already planned on coughing up the cash for appropriate flooring. However, some property managers shudder when I suggest ripping out the "new" carpeting.
* Parking - at least in my neighborhood of choice, there is little space in the parking lots, and people will need to park on the street.
* Basic cleanliness - some of these spaces have stood empty for so long, I am certain they could be transformed into sets for the next Sci-Fi original. Perhaps the spiders can be my first customers.
I mean, I like to clean, but what happened in this bathroom?!

You get the general scope of things.

The good news is, I think I’ve found a space. Parking may be an issue, but there is plenty of street parking, and it’s in a safe neighborhood. My co-investor wants to tour the property, and if he loves it as much as I do, we may be ready for a soft opening in October!

My money man does not approve.
Smaller space for shop/hangout space/meditation room.
And a totally sterile shower. :/

As I search for yoga studio space, I remember the lessons of aparigraha. Set a strong foundation and then trust that the Universe will give you what you need. I could wait forever for the perfect space to appear, and I may never open a studio. Or, I can do my research, create my business plan, set a budget and dive in.

I won’t lie. This is all terrifying. Wish me luck!