The Side Effects (and Benefits) of Juice Fasting

I have finished my three-day juice fast, and I thought I would share my experience. From the get-go, I want to say that I am not a medical doctor, nor did I consult one while doing this fast (I mean, other than Dr. Oz). What follows is simply what happened to my body and how… Continue reading The Side Effects (and Benefits) of Juice Fasting

How To: Companion Planting

While it may not seem like it, spring is just around the corner, and it's time to begin planning your garden. This year, instead of haphazardly planting whatever I feel, I will be growing companion plants. The theory behind companion planting is that some plants give nutrients back to the soil while others take nutrients… Continue reading How To: Companion Planting

Creating a Journal for (Nearly) Free

Last November, I decided it was time to organize my life. My house was a mess, the houseplants were dying, and I was struggling to organize my freelance work. I heard tell of these bullet planners you could purchase through the Interwebs that would change your life. I scoped a few out on Amazon, discovered… Continue reading Creating a Journal for (Nearly) Free

Happy Houseplant Day: How Not to Kill Your Plants

Confession time. While your Boozy Gardener does an excellent job of tending outdoor plants, she has a long history of murdering houseplants. Since today is Houseplant Appreciation Day, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to tell you what I have been doing wrong. For those who don’t know me I’m a Pisces with… Continue reading Happy Houseplant Day: How Not to Kill Your Plants